The Parka Pages V.4 - A complete parka resource for both professional explorers and fashion wearers.

A complete parka resource with dozens of galleries, 1,000's of pictures including down parkas, pants & salopettes, onepiece suits and information covering areas such as style, fabrics, manufacturers and retail outlets. For polar explorers and high altitude mountaineers, a parka is more than just a garment it is essential for survival. One part of this site will be technical and offer as much information as possible on ECW (extreme cold weather) gear and down one-piece suits as seen on the world's highest mountains or at the North & South Poles.

For the rest of us what could be nicer when it is cold and snowing outside than to be snuggled up in the luxurious warmth of a down or fur parka? Parkas are really back in fashion this Winter from waist length hooded jackets to full length duvet coats, so all the better for those of us who enjoy them.


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