Design a Parka
T here is an almost unlimited choice of styles, fabrics and practical functions built into parkas used from Everest expeditions to streetwear. So here's your chance to design your ultimate parka. There are thousands of combinations to choose from, so just work through each of the sections below using the links to see what each component looks like or to get further technical information.
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So lets have some fun!!

What is the name of your Parka Design?
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What overall length is the parka...

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Shell Material
The shell fabric of insulated clothing must compliment the insulation to prevent heat loss. The ideal shell fabric would:
  • Minimise water entry - to help keep the insulation dry, and minimise conductive heat loss
  • Be windproof - to cut wind-chill by maintaining the dead air pockets in the insulation
  • Be breathable - to prevent condensation from body moisture
  • Be "downproof" - a tightly woven shell fabric will prevent down from leaking out

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  • Shell Material Colour...

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    Abrasion Resistant Patches - Some parts of a jacket are prone to tears and wearing away because they encounter more abrasion. By adding abrasion resistant patches on susceptible areas like shoulders, elbows, wrists and lower back, the life of the jacket can be extended and the chance of tears greatly reduced.

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    Reinforcement Colour...

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    Lining Fabric
    Lining Fabric - Your choice here is between comfort, abraison resistance, colour (brighter colours - white - reflect back body heat, dark colours - black - dry much faster).

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    Lining Fabric Colour...

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    Essential for keeping the wearer warm and protected from either the extreme conditions of Everest or sitting for a few hours at the match on a cold wet afternoon watching your favourite team. Synthetic filling or Goose Down - you choose.

    Show Insulation Descriptions

    The way an insulated garment is sewn can dramatically affect its warmth. There are seven basic construction methods used in down garments:

    Show Construction Methods

    Note: If you choose - Double Construction, Double Box Wall or Triple-layer - then you should choose a "Double Layer" insulation in the previous section.

    Construction Appearance - Outer Shell

    Show Outer Shell Examples

    Note: If you choose - Triple-layer - in the previous section then you should choose "Plain Shell" here.

    No. of Panels?

    1] If you choose a waist length design and 5 panels - then each panel would be approx. 5in wide or...
    2] If you choose a thigh length design and 5 panels - then each panel would be approx. 6.5in wide or...
    3] If you choose an ankle length design and 20 panels - then each panel would be approx. 2.5in wide

    Construction Appearance - Inner Shell

    Show Inner Shell Examples

    Construction Reinforcement Locations

    Choose the additional features that will make up the back of the parka.
    Cut longer in the back, to keep you warmer and drier by blocking out more wind, cold and precipitation.
    Elasticated Waist
    Shockcord Waist Adjustment
    Drawcord Waist Adjustment
    Belt Waist Adjustment
    Waist Adjustment creates the option of tightening the fit to block out the elements or loosening it for greater ventilation and freedom of movement.
    Elasticated Hem
    Shockcord Hem Adjustment
    Knitted Hem (shorter lengths only)
    Adjustment at the bottom hem of a coat, helps block out wind and cold.
    Fur Hem
    Plain Hem & Waist
    Show Back Feature Examples

    Choose the additional features that will make up the sleeves of the parka.
    Plain Sleeve - no additional features
    Articulated Elbows
    incorporates a 10-20 degree angle at the elbow to increase freedom of movement while minimizing abrasion.
    Articulated Shoulder Movement
    larger arm entry point to sleeves and naturally shaped design makes donning easier and increase freedom of movement
    Underarm Ventilation
    with zippers, on the underarm seams, provide adjustable ventilation to keep you comfortable at changing levels of temperature or activity. A flap, with hook and loop closures, eliminates drafts and precipitation from infiltrating through the zipper when it is closed.
    Accessory pocket on each sleeve(s)
    ideal for small items and keeping pens etc. within easy reach
    Detachable sleeves
    to keep you comfortable at changing levels of temperature or activity
    Mitten attachment rings on sleeves
    D-rings on lower arms for glove, mitten ( lanyard ) attachment - essential in extreme cold conditions where the loss of a glove / mitt could be life-threatening

    Show Sleeve Feature Examples

    Sleeves - Cuffs
    Choose the style that will make up the sleeve cuffs of the parka. It is possible to combine styles eg. (Velcro Adjustable & Inner Knitted combined).
    Press Stud (Snap)
    Extension - Thumb Hole
    Velcro Adjustable
    Inner Knitted
    Inner Extension
    Button Flap
    Plain Cuff
    Show Sleeve Cuff Style Examples

    Hood (1) Attachment
    Choose how the hood is attached to the parka. Choose 1 only
    Permanently Attached
    Zip On / Off
    Studs / Snaps
    Roll-up Hood

    Hood (2) Fitting
    Choose the fit of the hood (when all adjustments are open). Choose 1 only
    Close Snug fitting
    Loose fitting - allows helmet etc. underneath
    Show Hood Examples (1 & 2)

    Hood (3) Closure
    Choose how the front of the hood is closed. Choose 1 only
    No closure - tightened by adjusting drawstrings etc.
    Closed by continuation of front fastening of parka
    Studs / Snaps

    Hood (4) Shape
    Choose the shape of the hood (when all adjustments are closed.) Choose 1 only
    2 Panel Hood
    Simple Rounded
    3 panel Hood
    Shaped hood
    Extreme Cold - No Flaps
    Antartic Style - Fur Ruff
    Expedition Style (1) Flaps
    Expedition Style (2) Flaps + extn.
    Snorkel Style
    Snorkel Style can be zipped apart to form collar
    Show Hood Examples (3 & 4)

    Hood (5) Adjustments
    Choose how the hood is adjusted for fit. Click all that apply.
    Drawstring / Shockcord around face
    Drawstring / Shockcord around neck
    The fit and volume of the hood are adjustable with one or two shock cords and cord locks. One, positioned around the face, pulls the sides of the hood tighter reducing heat loss. The other, positioned horizontally, adjusts the fit of the collar again reducing heat loss from the body area.
    1 Rear Volume Adjuster
    2 Rear Volume Adjusters
    Volume Adjusters pull the sides of the hood back to see and hear better and adjust the internal volume to suit the type of headwear worn from a fleece hat and climbing helmet to nothing.
    Elasticated around face

    Hood (6) Other Features
    Choose other features of the hood (when all adjustments are closed.
    Wired Visor
    Directs rain and water flowing down hood away from face
    Chin Protector
    A soft fabric chin guard protects your chin from zipper abrasion and cold.
    Polar Fleece Lined
    A layer of fleece improves insulation and comfort of hood.
    Inner Fur Ruff
    A faux fur ruff snugs around the face improving warmth while at the same time is protected by the shell material of the hood from getting wet.
    Show Hood Examples (5 & 6)

    Front (1) Main
    Choose main front design of the parka.
    Full Length Zip
    Half Zip - Pullover Style
    2 Way Zipper

    Front (2) Fastening Detail
    Choose how the front of the parka is closed.
    Single Option (click one only) or
    Multiple Options (click all that apply)
    Front (3) Fastening Protection Detail
    Choose how the front opening of the parka is protected.
    Single Option (click one only)
    No Additional Protection
    Single Storm Flap
    Designed to keep you warmer and drier, a storm flap covers the zipper and prevents moisture and wind from entering through the zipper.
    Double Storm Flap
    Double Storm Flap with Rain Gutter
    A small fold of material that is bartacked to the inner storm flap of a jacket. It is designed to direct rain away from the zipper where it could infiltrate the jacket.

    Does the parka have an internal storm flap?
    Yes No
    Are the storm flaps insulated?
    Yes No
    Show Front Fastening Examples

    Collar Detail
    Choose the design of the neck collar of the parka.
    Multiple Options (click all that apply)
    None - Body & Hood are attached together
    Loose Fitting
    Close Fitting
    Low Collar (> 1in)
    Normal Collar (= 2in)
    High Collar (< 3 in)
    Fleece Insert
    Designed to keep drafts and spindrift, or blowing snow, off your neck.
    Show Collar Examples

    Front Pocket Details (1)
    Choose the design of the pockets on the front of the parka.
    Choose 1 style each for waist/hip and chest)
    No Chest Pockets
    Open Chest Pockets
    Angled Slash Cut Chest Pocket - pocket inside outer shell
    Patch Chest Pocket
    Patch / Handwarmer Chest Pocket
    Cargo Chest Pocket
    Cargo - Handwarmer Chest Pocket " value="checkbox"> Cargo / Handwarmer Chest Pocket

    No Waist Pockets
    Open Waist Pockets
    Angled Slash Cut Waist Pocket - pocket inside outer shell
    Patch Waist Pocket
    Patch / Handwarmer Waist Pocket
    Cargo Waist Pocket
    Cargo / Handwarmer Waist Pocket

    Pouch Waist Pocket - Pullover style Parka Only

    Front Pocket Details (2)
    Choose how the pocketsare closed and protected.
    Choose 1 style each for waist/hip and chest)
    None - Chest
    Stud - Chest
    Flap Stud - Chest
    Flap Velcro - Chest
    Flap Stud & Inner Zipper - Chest
    Flap Velcro & Inner Zipper - Chest
    Velcro Double Storm Flap - Chest
    Velcro Double Storm Flap Inner Zipper - Chest
    None - Waist
    Stud - Waist
    Flap Stud - Waist
    Flap Velcro - Waist
    Flap Stud & Inner Zipper - Waist
    Flap Velcro & Inner Zipper - Waist
    Velcro Double Storm Flap - Waist
    Velcro Double Storm Flap Inner Zipper - Waist

    Are the pockets insulated?
    Yes No
    Are the handwarmer pockets fleece lined?
    Yes No
    Show Front Pocket Examples

    Additional Pockets
    Select other pocket styles for the Parka.
    Storm Flap Pocket
    A zippered pocket, located behind the jacket's storm flap?
    Recco Pocket
    A sealed pocket for holding a Recco transmitter for safety?
    Transparent Pocket
    A pocket with clear window for holding a Ski Pass etc.?

    Internal Features
    Select Internal Design Features of the Parka.
    Powder Storm Skirt
    An elasticized panel of lining around the waist of the parka. It includes a gripper, a strip of exposed elastic, to hold it in position. Designed to keep you warmer and drier, a powder/storm skirt reduces the amount of body heat that can escape and prevents wind, snow or rain from infiltrating under the parka?
    Waist Mesh Water Bottle Pockets
    To keep water from freezing by body heat?
    Inner Zipped Chest Pockets?
    Internal Waist Shockcord?
    (not valid if you have already chosen an external one)

    Additional Parka Features
    Choose any other Parka features.
    Reflective Stripes
    Taped Seams
    To prevent water from penetrating the stitching holes and thread, high quality, waterproof and breathable garments have inside taped seams.
    Bar Tack Reinforcing
    A barrel shaped cluster of stitching perpendicular to or overlaying a seam at a stress point. This reinforcement improves the durability by reducing seam failure.
    Zipper Pull Tags
    Allows easy movement of zippers with gloved hands

    Additional Parka Features (2)
    Add your own Parka features.

    Finished? - Please re-check your design for errors - ie. choice of collar when you have the hood as a continuation of the body!!

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