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County Sligo / Co. Sligeach


There are many antiquities to draw the visitor to Sligo, the grave of W.B.Yeats at Drumcliff, the cairn of Queen Maeve, and having the wonderful beauty of Lough Gill, and the great extensive beaches, the visitor will be inclined to stay awhile to enjoy the best the best of both worlds - sea and mountain. Along the seashore fossils may be found;the traveller can enjoy the countryside and will find walkways to explore, a traditional rural village amidst farmland where you will be welcomed by the local people and the best of good food. Sligo is a busy, bustling town where there is excellent shopping, and yet still be surrounded by 5000 years of history and some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland.

The traveller may decide to pass some time on a tour to Ox Mountains which are amongst the oldest rocks in Ireland, being six hundred million years old! Also of great interest is Strandhill, a large wild beach where the sea sweeps in massive boulders in the winter; and Sligo Airport is close by. At the end of the runway there is a 10th century church and it is alleged that St.Patrick lost a tooth when he tripped on the threshold; a beautiful casket had been made to hold the sacred tooth and this casket is now in the National Museum in Dublin but where the tooth is no-one knows. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels and pubs to persuade the visitor to stay a while.


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