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County Mayo / Co. Maigh Eo


Over millions of years the shape of County Mayo has been dictated by the great winds and rain, the vast forces of nature from the Atlantic ocean in the west and north giving a wild and awesome grandeur; together with the varying weather from south, west and north, and here the visitor will see what is perhaps one of the most beautiful counties created by these great forces. A wonderful variety of views - sandy beaches, rugged headlands and cliffs, the holy mountain of Croagh Patrick, and Achill which is the largest island off the Irish coast, being joined to the mainland by a bridge. The traveller will find Achill both wild and absolutely beautiful and will enjoy the two mile beach ending in cliffs 800 foot high, and the little village of Dooagh is the last village from the end of the island from where one can hike up the mountain of Croaghaun to a height of 2192 feet.


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