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County Cavan / An Cabhán

Resting in a hollow (the meaning of its name) amidst a rolling countryside, hills and numerous lakes the visitor is given an unspoilt view where nature can be cherished. The sportsman is spoilt for choice of game and coarse angling locations. Ballyconnell is one of the best known course-angling centres in Ireland and this sits on the newly re-opened Shannon-Erne Canal. For good trout fishing the traveller will find that Ballyhaise, a colourful and picturesque village on the Annalee river, offers some of the best. Killeshandra on the west side of Lough Oughter is a busy market town with good restaurants and pubs.

On the Dublin road, just beyond Cavan, Irish classic glassware is made at the Cavan Crystal glassworks. Visitors here can watch the craftsmen blowing and shaping the heated crystal, the tools being used have hardly changed since the 18th century.

In a glade on Shantemon Hill there are five boulders standing in a row on the grass. These were named after the mythical legendary Irish giant-slayer Finn MacCumhaill. The stones are supposed to have been erected during the Bronze Age (1750 -500 BC), but the purpose of these stones is unknown, lost in time.

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