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Dingle Penninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Annascaul is a walkers paradise. Hill and dale, sea, river, lake make an ever-changing pattern, with the wild flowers of Kerry blooming everywhere. Situated as it is on the south west tip of Ireland, the Gulf Stream plays a more warming part than it does for the rest of the country. For the holiday maker, this gives a longer season of enjoyment. The first flowers of Spring appear shortly after Christmas and the Gorse is still in bloom at the end of October. Annascaul is the birth place of famous Antartic explorer Tom Crean. Internationally renowned sculptor Jerome Connor was also born in Annascaul. One of his most impressive pieces is the Lusitania monument in Cobh, Co. Cork.

Inch Strand - 3 miles of sandy beach, for bathing, surfing, sea angling. Inch Strand was chosen by David Lean as the beach location for "Ryan's Daughter". The film "Playboy of the Western World" was shot entirely at Inch. Excellent bass fishing at Inch Strand, Bunaneer Stand and Minard Strand, all in the Inch - Annascaul area. Sea Otters and Seals lie on the rocks rearing their young. Dolphins clown about in the bay. A Heron lands by the rivers and gannets like arrows into the clear water.

Walking - Annascaul & Inch lie in the southern foothills of the Slieve Mish mountains. This range forms the backbone of the Dingle Peninsula and rises to peaks of over 2000ft. Mountains and beaches are an exciting combination offering amazing views and many possibilities for recreation. Walking in the area ranges from sea level to the mountains around Annascaul's lake and river. The "Dingle Way" passes through Inch & Annascaul. We also have our own way-marked walks. Where ever you walk the views are breathtaking, the countryside unspoilt and the routes unfrequented. Annascaul and Inch walking festival is on the October bank holiday weekend. It is a three day guided walking festival.

Fishing - Annascaul lake and rivers provide excellent freshwater fishing. Inch Strand is an acknowledged international shore angling venue.

Water sports - the peninsula is surrounded by the Atlantic and washed by the Gulf Stream, giving pure ocean water, a mild climate and a clean environment for bathing, surfing, sailing and wind surfing.

Wild life sanctuary - Apart from providing us with a beautiful strand; Inch sand spit and coastline is an area of geological and ecological significance hosting an extensive range of wildlife.

Legends abound of giants such as Cu Chulainn who is said to have inhabited this area. The ruins of his house and castle are in the mountains above Annascaul lake.

Archaeological sites - The area boasts the highest density of archaeological sites and antiquities in the land. We have evidence of several periods of early development abounding in the area. The Neolithic Stone Age has left several cultivated sites. The Bronze Age has left us with megalithic wedge graves, Ogham stones, standing stones and cup and circle stones. The Iron Age coincided with the arrival of the Celts and has left evidence in the shape of the hill, ring and promotory forts. The Christian period has left monastic sites, beehive huts and small beautiful churches.

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